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For Exhibitors

Art in the Park is administered by Taupo Artz.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at Art in the Park there are some conditions that must be met. Guidelines are in place to assist participants in maximising the opportunity that the venue provides. Here are some of them.

You, as an individual, must be an artist or craftsperson permanently residing in the Taupo District.

The items you exhibit and sell are to be handmade arts and crafts, created by you, and sold personally.


You must apply to an on-site Taupo Artz Coordinator prior to setting up your exhibits for the first time. Call at the venue after 10.30am on the day.The Coordinator will want to view your work and discuss with you a suitable area on the reserve where you can set up, exhibit, and sell your work.  

A Taupo Artz Coordinator may decline an application for registration if in their opinion:

  • a person presents art/craft deemed to be unsuitable or inappropriate for the venue, or

  • the proposed art / craft is already well represented at the venue, or

  • if the applicant does not comply with certain conditions imposed on the licencee by Council

Important Information
Gazebos are not permitted. A small sun umbrella for personal shade is acceptable.

The space on the reserve allocated to Taupo Artz is limited. As a consequence registrations may also be limited.

Registered artists and craftspeople are expected to attend regularly throughout the season.

Intending exhibitors may obtain a copy of the complete "Guidelines for Exhibitors" from a Coordinator at the venue. Or you may request a copy via email to the address below.

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